This was a group project for a class at Parsons. The assignment was to create an infographic out of data found on Wikipedia. My group decided to focus on the revisions made to the article about Hurricane Sandy. We asked: “Are there any interesting parallels between the edits made to the article and the location and impact of the storm over time?”

We assumed the following:

  • Wikipedia users who lived in the path of the storm might be more likely to contribute to the article.
  • As the storm caused power outages, users in affected locations would not be able to make edits to the article
  • Users in affected locations might be more likely to edit the article long after the storm had passed.

Here’s the data we collected from Wikipedia:

  • User location
  • Date and time edit was made
  • Number of edits made by unique users

Here’s how we  visualized the information:


Although the article was updated by people around the world, we decided to focus our visualization on the U.S.


It turned out that the number of edits made by New Yorkers far exceeded any other state:


Here’s a detail of some other states:


Our assumptions were somewhat on target, but we learned that some states that were affected by the storm didn’t have any contributors to the Wikipedia article. And even though states that were affected were still editing the article after the storm had passed, states on the West coast were (surprisingly) speaking up months later. California came in 2nd to New York for most edits in November, and the only edit in January was made in Arizona.

We weren’t able to glean any info about whether power outages affected users being able to edit since we did not have a timetable of outages to compare with edits times.


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