This was my thesis project for my MFA at Parsons. I designed a series of artworks that re-imagine a home inventory record as a more poetic and provocative type of archive. These hybrids of personal artifacts and technology challenge humans to rethink their relationships with and philosophical understanding of objects.



How far will we go to maintain a connection to our archived objects? When our cherished things are packed away, our separation anxiety can be treated with an absurd coping mechanism: a closed-circuit television feed of the inside of the storage box.


Bottomless Pit


Objects are unique signifiers of human experiences. Collections of artifacts allude to stories that are greater than the sum of their parts. What is lost when these collections are archived digitally?


Nanny Cam Cam


Two toys are caught in a loop of mutual surveillance. Their technological prosthetics give them a literal point of view. With this, the objects themselves become the archival mechanism.

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