Shells is a personal art piece that I started in my graduate program at Parsons and added to for a show during Bushwick Open Studios.  Here is the artist’s statement I shared at the show:

“A shell is a former home, a remnant of a creature’s existence. These shells serve as analog memorials to the digital legacies that people leave behind when they die.

Computers are portals to the internet, a place where our personal profiles and accounts become our digital homes. We live in our blogs, social media and inboxes just as much as we live in brick-and-mortar structures. When we die, our online homes become fodder for the way the world remembers us.

Televisions are where actors make their mark, athletes make history, and astronauts make moon landings. They are also where families watch home movies of personal milestones and memories. TVs can replay our legacies after we’re gone.

A common symbol for “remembrance” is the tying of a string around one’s finger. Stitching string throughout these shells designates them as a spaces for remembrance.”

This project was featured on the Field Projects Gallery blog.

shell1 shell8shell4 shell7 shell2 shell5 shell6 shell3